Cisco Digital Network Architecture asennus ja käyttöönotto

Cisco DNA Center asennus ja käyttöönotto

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Sergey Martikainen
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Recap of the DNA Architecture components and techniques

  • Why are we here?
  • Fabric
  • Components of the fabric
  • Technologies in the fabric

Building the Underlay

  • Underlay configuration – WAN network
  • Configuring addressing
  • Configuring routing
  • Configuring additional elements
  • Verification of the underlay configuration
Lab: Configure Underlay network
  • Routing configuration          
  • Additional configuration
  • Verification 

DNA Center installation and initial configuration

  • DNA Center installation guidelines
  • DNA Center initial configuration via GUI
  • DNA Center settings
  • Mandatory and optional integrations
Lab: Create initial DNA Center configuration and integration
  • Installing certificate to DNA Center             
  • Creating ISE integration      
  • Creating Infoblox DDI integration                 
  • Other DNAC basic configuration                   
  • Checking DNA Center installation / internal operation     

Creating the Fabric

  • DNA Center network design
  • Device inventory
  • Device discovery
  • Plug and Play
  • Templates
  • Fabric creation
Lab: Defining physical site structure
  • Physical site structure          
  • Parameters for our topology                         
  • Device credentials                 
Lab: Creating the Fabric          
  • Discover devices                    
  • Using inventory and assigning devices       
  • Using PnP to provision a device - Prepare DHCP server   
  • Using PnP to provision a device - Configure a Template  
  • Using PnP to provision a device - Create a Profile               
  • Using PnP to provision a device - PnP         
  • Using PnP to provision a device - Testing the setup           
  • Assigning the rest of the devices                  
  • Creating and configuring the fabric 

Defining macrosegmentation

  • Segmentation in Fabric – recap
  • Creating VN based segmentation
  • Address pools
  • VN creation
  • Host Onboarding
  • DHCP flow
  • Using ISE for 802.1x
  • Basic Fabric (LISP) troubleshooting
Lab: Defining macrosegmentation                  
  • Joining Microsoft AD
  • Create IP Pools in Infoblox and populate them to DNAC  
  • Define Virtual Network in DNAC                   
  • Configure host onboarding
  • Configure external connection for the Virtual Network   
  • Static attachment of a user to a Virtual Network               
  • Dynamic attachment of a user to a Virtual Network         
  • Investigating things under the hood (optional task, if time allows)           

Defining microsegmentation

  • VN creation
  • ISE and SGT allocation
  • Traffic between SGTs
  • Basic troubleshooting commands
Lab: Defining microsegmentation
  • Create new groups for microsegmentation
  • Create and configure VN for microsegmentation
  • Configure ISE for microsegmentation
  • Traffic contracts

Fabric Wireless

  • Fabric wireless basics
  • Data flow
  • Initializing Fabric wireless
  • Configuring basic wireless settings
  • Onboarding WLC and APs
  • Address pools
Lab:WLC initial configuration                           
  • Defining IP addressing            
  • Attach the pool to Infra_VN 
  • Create wireless profiles          
  • Discover and provision WLC  
  • Provisioning the APs                
  • Assign pool to AP                      
  • Preparing ISE for wireless clients                     
  • Testing client connection       

DNAC Assurance

  • What is Assurance?
  • Assurance basic terminology
  • Assurance configuration guidelines
  • Configuring reports
  • Examples of Assurance information
Lab: Integrate ISE and DNAC Assurance
  • Configure additional collectors                         
  • Configure telemetry                
  • Seeing assurance results       

Miscellanous issues

  • Software image maintenance
  • License ”studio”
  • Command runner
  • DNA Center Platform