TCS in Elisa´s 5G challenge: improved online shopping and safer cities

Lukuaika 2 min

This year Elisa Co-Creation Challenge gave us a look into the future of 5G services. In the challenge nine international teams innovated and developed 5G solutions to meet the needs of various industries.

The teams consisted of talented members from twelve different countries, while the backgrounds of the teams varied from Finnish local startups to global IT giants. The latter group was represented by Tata Consulting Services, who participated in the challenge with two teams. TCS team projects show how 5G will be a part of our daily lives, sooner than we expect!

This is how Ravi Trivedi from TCS describes the collaboration and partnership in 5G development.

One TCS team applied 5G to make our urban environments safer, the other utilized 5G in order to develop realistic virtual shopping experiences. These service pilots are great examples, how we can reach exceptional outcomes with co-creation.

TCS VR Shop Experiment Team outlines the future of virtual e-commerce. Their virtual Elisa Shop combines the best of both worlds: by wearing VR glasses you can visit a shop while comfortably sitting on your sofa. The consumer can move around the shop and compare the virtual 3D-models of the devices.

5G network enables the rich details of the virtual shop to be downloaded from a cloud quickly and with minimal delay. However, in the midst of cutting-edge technology, the importance of human contact is not overlooked. The virtual shopper has the option of getting customer service through a video call. Watch the video below for a demo of the TCS VR Shop Experiment Team.

TCS ReTVA team aims to make cities safer and smarter. Their solution utilizes real time video analysis and machine learning to identify emergency situations. 5G network enables surveillance cameras in public transport to stream continuous video to a cloud in which ReTVA AI analyses and identifies threatening situations.