Smooth data communications ensure business continuity

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Elisa Santa Monica’s continuous management services and development plan for data communications have ensured the continuity of Keva’s business. Keva is in charge of the pension of the personnel of Kela, the church, municipalities and the state.

Keva’s business depends on an undisturbed and stable data communications environment. Over the years, numerous systems from different providers as well as related data communications solutions have been added to the organisation’s data communications infrastructure. To manage them, Keva has bought Elisa Santa Monica’s SantaCare management services. The management services cover Keva’s network equipment and data communications environment, such as switches, firewalls, load management, and wireless network.

During the cooperation that began in 2011, Keva and Elisa Santa Monica’s experts have developed the data communications environment together and made it more reliable, manageable and cost-effective. The development work has constantly focused on data security, network operation and maintenance as well as the possibility of implementing future development projects efficiently.

By simplifying savings

In spring 2016, Elisa Santa Monica devised a three-year development plan for Keva’s online environment. A full survey of the current architecture and equipment was chosen as its starting point. A target state and suggested actions on how to reach the desired goal were based on it.

Acquiring and deploying new internal and external firewalls was the first project in accordance with the development plan’s overall architecture.

Changing Keva’s Unioninkatu location to a multifunctional office has been one of the largest projects. Working methods and the office facilities were altered completely. Elisa Santa Monica adapted the network architecture as required by the change by using Cisco’s LAN and WLAN technology.

Keva’s data connections have been simplified and data centre services limited, and the data service environment was built in the Unioninkatu facilities. At the same time, another former data centre was shut down and a part of the services transferred to the Azure cloud. All of Keva’s data connections are monitored by Elisa Santa Monica’s Network Operation Center (NOC).

Katriina Kontsas
Katriina Kontsas

Elisa Santa Monica provides a firewall service in the Azure cloud. It has also consulted Keva on questions related to Azure’s data communications. These projects were launched in spring 2018 and were finished in spring 2020.

“NOC ensures that we have stable connections and fast action in case of disruptions,” says Katriina Kontsas, head of IT at Keva.

The nearly ten years of cooperation have shown Keva’s organisation what Elisa Santa Monica’s experts are capable of.

“Elisa Santa Monica’s experts know both our versatile architecture and equipment exceptionally well, as well as our whole data communications environment. Due to this, change projects can be implemented quickly and efficiently, and their outcomes are good,” says Kontsas.

“The service has always been fast, flexible and professional. Elisa Santa Monica is among the best of our service providers.”

Excellent services from one place

The cooperation of Keva and Elisa Santa Monica covers a wide range of SantaCare services that are managed centrally from Elisa Santa Monica’s NOC service centre.

Managed ADC service concerns the management, monitoring, and changes of the network’s load balancing. It uses the F5 load-balancing cluster. Managed FW service includes firewall management and monitoring, and Managed SSLVPN the VPN management.

Managed LAN takes care of all of Keva’s network equipment. The role of Managed WLAN is to manage Keva’s extensive WLAN infrastructure. Managed Cloud service concerns the firewall of Keva’s cloud service.

The services include some 25 backbone and work group switches and some 93 WLAN access points. In addition to these, there are five firewalls and VPN and load-balancing equipment.

Elisa Santa Monica provides the maintenance services for Keva’s network equipment. With this, all of Keva’s network equipment are up to date. Elisa Santa Monica’s NOC service ensures the updates and licences, and contacts technology providers when disturbances need to be investigated, for example. The NOC services have an appointed service manager and a tech lead that is in charge of the technical environment.

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