NOC service takes care of the network environmentNOC service takes care of the network environment
NOC - network management service

NOC guarantees a functional and secure network environment

Managing critical data networks is becoming more complex and challenging these days. Increasingly more companies have decentralised their data and services into the cloud and different information systems. The complexity poses new requirements for the planning, development and management of the network infrastructure. Without systematic management, a company’s data network is exposed to attacks and network disturbances.

NOC (Network Operations Center) is a network management and service centre that ensures the functionality of data networks. Elisa offers you NOC network management as a service, in which we will take care of your network environment’s data security and availability.

Our NOC service team monitors your company’s data networks 24/7, allowing you to focus on your business without a worry. Our experts will also help your company to continuously develop the network environment ensuring your infrastructure works as effectively and securely as possible. We provide you with the latest information and technological competence.

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NOC service takes care of network management and monitoring

  • Your network environment will be reliable and secure

    Our team will monitor your network around the clock. We will detect network disturbances in good time and fix any faults quickly. With the continuous optimisation and maintenance, we can prevent many problems before they even occur.

  • Sleep at ease and focus on your business

    With the NOC service, we will take care of your worries about the network environment. In addition to network monitoring, we will look at the architecture of your ICT environment and help manage all of it. This saves time for your business.

  • Get competent support and development ideas for the future

    We are a trusted partner and will work in close cooperation with your company. Our team gives you actively recommendations and development suggestions, which improve your data network and make sure they are cost-effective.

Elisa is your reliable NOC partner

Elisa's expert team helps companies to monitor network environment

Experienced professional service team

You will be served by ICT professionals who know the network’s architecture, technologies, and data security. Years of experience and close cooperation with our customers have made our processes smooth. We know how to combine technologies, capabilities, and customer needs as highly functional overall solutions.

Flexible operations model

The contents of the NOC service are flexible to your company’s needs and will. We can provide our services, so that NOC can be integrated as part of your company’s processes and ICT environment. Our agile operations model allows us to serve your company’s business needs and react quickly to any changes.

Transparent service

We will report on the status of your network and our operations openly and clearly. In our real-time service portal, you can see the exact information concerning the status of your network and services at any time. Our customer relationship team will regularly walk through what we have done, what the impacts have been, and what we will do next.

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Jouko Tuominen from Rexel Finland

Rexel Finland:

“Elisa’s NOC detects any incidents in the network traffic, and we will be informed of them immediately. The management of data security and vulnerabilities are very important as well.”

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“Elisa’s talented experts have an important role when they coordinate Nordkalk’s continuous need to change and develop so that both data communications and IT services work seamlessly together.”

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