Lähiverkko Plus provides a wireless network for employees and guestsLähiverkko Plus provides a wireless network for employees and guests
Elisa Lähiverkko Plus

A reliable wireless network for the office or business premises

Lähiverkko Plus is a cloud-based data network that delivers a wireless internal network for your company’s office or site. This way, you can offer your customers and employees a wireless network in, for example, an office lobby, cafeterias or shops.

In connection with the Lähiverkko Plus service, our experts plan and implement an internal network suited for your company’s needs. We deliver the internal network as a service package, which means that your company gets the internal network and all data security devices through us. When the internal network is up and running, we take care of its continuous maintenance and service 24/7.

Lähiverkko Plus is especially suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises that are looking for a flexible and cost-effective internal network. Read about the features of the Lähiverkko Plus service and contact us to find out more!

An internal network for a fixed monthly fee

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Lähiverkko Plus service features

  • Flexible internal network

  • Simple network management

  • Secure service

Where can Lähiverkko Plus be used?

Lähiverkko Plus is especially well suited for service companies that want to offer a guest network for their customers. If you have, for example, a restaurant, your customers can log into its Wi-Fi network with their Facebook credentials. This way, your customers can surf easily in the wireless network, and you get useful information about your customers. Using the Lähiverkko Plus service, you can see who uses your network, and you find out their Facebook profiles. This customer data can be used later in after sales, for example.

You can use the Lähiverkko Plus service, for example, as follows: 

  • as a guest network
  • as a payment terminal connection
  • in warehouse management.
A cloud-based network is easy to scale and manage

What are the benefits of a cloud-based network?

Elisa’s Lähiverkko Plus is a cloud-based network solution, which brings many benefits for IT and business.

  • Centralised management of the network: WLAN, LAN, data security and terminal devices are managed with a user-friendly portal.
  • Precise network monitoring: You get a real-time view of the network, its users and devices.
  • Easily scalable: Network extensions or new sites can be deployed quickly through the cloud.
  • Secure: The service's data protection updates are performed automatically through the cloud. All data stays within the EU area and the service is GDPR-compliant.
  • Operator-independent: You can also use another operator’s internet connection as the basis for the local area network.
Lähiverkko Plus can be used for example as a guest network in a coffee shop

What is included in the Lähiverkko Plus package?

  • Fast and easy deployment: you can install the product yourself or have it done by our experts
  • Real-time reporting view of the network: you see, for example, what applications and devices are being used in the network
  • End users can easily log into the wireless guest network with their Facebook credentials
  • Analytics data from the guest network’s user profiles (such as gender, place of residence, language and age)
  • Statistics on the time spent at your company’s premises, and new and returning customers

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