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A service number makes it easier for your customers to reach your company

The Elisa Palvelunumero service provides your company with a phone number that you can use for customer service, sales or support services. The service number is an easy way for the customer to contact your company and pay for content, products and services.

For your business, service numbers are a practical way to direct customer calls to the right place and cost-efficiently charge for the products and services your company offers. The service number can also be used for charging for entertainment services by phone, for example.

Elisa has service numbers for various needs - example choose a free-of-charge 0800 number or a service number subject to a charge, such as an 0600 or 0700 number.

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Choose the perfect service number for your company

0800 number

The 0800 number is completely free-of-charge for the caller. It is well suited as a company sales number that the customer can call to place orders or ask for more information about the products, for example.

01080 number

The 01080 number is a low-cost number for the company, as the cost of the call is shared between the company and the caller.

01019 number

A call to an 01019 number costs the caller a normal local network or mobile phone charge. The 01019 number is well suited for day-to-day business and customer service.

Service numbers subject to a charge

  • 0100 number: general services (such as banking services, ordering a taxi).
  • 0600 number: customer service and charity collections.
  • 0700 number: entertainment and voting services (for television shows, for example).

About Elisa Palvelunumero service numbers

Get more contacts with 0800 service number

Get more contacts with 0800

For a smooth sales flow, it is essential that customers can contact your company easily and quickly. When you choose an 0800 number that is entirely free for the caller, the threshold for contacting you gets lower.

Every call is a valuable contact – and a potential customer for your company. The more calls you get, the better. It also makes you stand out from your competitors and builds a positive corporate image.

Charge for services and products with a service number subject

Service numbers starting with 0600 as well as entertainment service numbers starting with 0700 are an easy way for your customers to contact you and a handy way for you to charge for the service you offer. When you charge a caller for your expert services, you will also improve your company’s cost-efficiency –turning costs into profit.

A service number subject to a charge can also be used for charging for various digital products. This way, the customer can, for example, pay for a fishing permit, order a ticket or make a charitable donation directly from a mobile phone.

Billing related to Elisa service numbers subject to a charge is easy and accurate. Our billing precision is top-class. Our customers always receive their monthly payments on time, based on the number and duration of calls that took place during the month.

Calling with Elisa Service Number

Elisa Palvelunumero provides a convenient and reliable way to charge for your company’s content, services and support functions, for example.

Additional services for Elisa Palvelunumero

More efficiency with a range of additional services

With various additional services, you can get even more out your Elisa Palvelunumero and expand the use of your number:

  • Intelligent call control: Improve your customer service and deploy Elisa’s additional intelligent network services, such as intelligent call control. Also available are a menu service and overflow routing to another response location.
  • Answering chains: Improve your company’s reachability with virtual answering chains. Quickly modifiable automatic voice announcements can flexibly provide the caller with additional information.
  • Elisa Ring customer service solution: Easily connect your service numbers to the Elisa Ring service to provide efficient and agile customer service.

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