Mobiilitietoturva protects your company’s mobile devicesMobiilitietoturva protects your company’s mobile devices
Elisa Mobiilitietoturva

Total security for your company’s work phones with Mobiilitietoturva

An unprotected work phone is a real threat to a company’s information security. Hackers are increasingly targeting employees’ mobile devices, giving them access to the company’s critical data and systems.

For example, if an employee clicks on a scam message and downloads a malicious app to their work phone, online scammers can infect the phone and steal data.

Elisa Mobiilitietoturva protects your company’s mobile devices against vulnerabilities and attacks in a comprehensive and proactive manner.

When you acquire Elisa Mobiilitietoturva for your company, your employees can handle both their professional and personal affairs securely via their phones. In addition, the company’s critical information or the employee’s personal information will not end up in the wrong hands.

The service is especially designed for medium-sized and large companies that wish to handle mobile device protection in a controlled and data-driven manner. Take a look at the solution and ask for an offer!

Did you know that 97% of organisations faced mobile threats in 2021?*

With Elisa Mobiilitietoturva you keep threats at bay. Securing mobile devices against cyberattacks is increasingly important, and protecting mobile devices against increasing threats is technically possible.

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*Source: Check Point Research

Advanced data security for mobile devices

  • Application security

    • Real-time analysis of application security
    • Prevents the download of suspicious applications and files
  • Network connection protection

    • Protects your network connections
    • Prevents access to malicious sites
    • Prevents phishing and harmful connections from the device
    • Identifies potential threats even in public WiFi networks
  • Operating system protection

    • Identifies vulnerabilities in the operating system
    • Prevents misuse of the device
    • Risk settings

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Elisa Mobiilitietoturva is based on the Check Point Harmony Mobile information security application

Check Point Software Technologies is an internationally renowned information security company that develops advanced solutions against various security threats.

Check Point Harmony Mobile app protects mobile devices against security threats, such as fishing attempts, malware, and viruses. It's comprehensive security protects the apps, network and files on the mobile device, as well as the user interface and the device itself.

Harmony Mobile utilizes machine learning methods to identify threats, continuously collecting data about security threats to Check Point Threat Cloud. This massive amount of data enables Harmony Mobile to quickly detect security threats and prevent attacks even before they reach the user’s phone.

Harmony Mobile works on all IoS and Android devices (phones and tablets).

Easy for the IT department to manage

Providing also convenient service for employees

Benefits for IT management

  • Saves time: IT management is able to manage large quantities of devices with a single service.
  • Easy tracking: IT management gets a clear view of all the company’s devices. Comprehensive reporting shows the state of information security, the risks and problem areas.
  • Easy maintenance of information security: IT management can be confident that there will be no attacks on the company’s systems through mobile devices. In addition, data is protected during both work and personal use. Mobiilitietoturva alerts also quickly draw attention to anything threatening taking place in any of the company’s devices.
  • Detailed definition of policies: Through device management, IT management can define policies based on the intended use of the devices. For example, such a policy could specify the applications that can be downloaded to a particular work phone.

Benefits for the employee

  • Information security for mobile devices 24/7: The employee does not have to think about whether they are protecting their work data adequately – Mobiilitietoturva takes care of that. The employee can also use the phone without any worries in their spare time, for example, for online purchases of the payment of invoices as Mobiilitietoturva provides continuous protection.
  • Privacy is protected: GDPR has been taken into account in the processing of data. User and company information remains completely private.
  • User-friendly app: The security app runs automatically in the background on the phone without slowing it down.
  • Data security is always up to date: The app will automatically update to the latest version.
Elisa’s experts offer support for Mobiilitietoturva

Get Elisa Mobiilitietoturva easily

  • You can get Elisa Mobiilitietoturva as a separate service or as part of the Life cycle service for mobile devices. (Read more about Life Cycle Service in Finnish).
  • Elisa’s experts offer support for the smooth deployment and use of the service.
  • Elisa Mobiilitietoturva integrates easily into various device management services (MDM systems).
  • The service can be integrated with systems such as Microsoft Intune, IBM MaaS360, Samsung Knox, VMware Workspace ONE and Citrix XenMobile.


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