A VPN connection for secure remote workingA VPN connection for secure remote working
Elisa VPN – security for remote working

A VPN connection ensures secure remote working

Today, working remotely is becoming standard. With a VPN (virtual private network) remote connection, you can use the company’s network safely when working remotely. A VPN connection makes your company’s internal services or files available to employees, regardless of location.

You can ensure secure remote working conditions easily with Elisa’s VPN solution. With strong authentication of users and encrypted connections, the company’s critical information remains within the company and does not end up in the wrong hands.

Get Elisa VPN now, and your employees can work from their home offices without a care!

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VPN service

A VPN service enables secure connection for remote working

  • Job satisfaction and the productivity of work improve when you allow remote working
  • More intelligence: networks and the level of information security on the terminal device can be automatically identified
  • Covers strong user authentication mechanisms (SMS OTP and physical token)
  • You can select either a browser-based, SSL-encrypted connection or a separate VPN application
  • Comprehensive terminal device support: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android

Get the most out of remote working

Make working elsewhere than at the office possible using a VPN remote connection and see the changes in productivity.

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