Elisa’s Cyber Security Services safeguard your digital business
Elisa Cyber Security Services

Elisa’s Cyber Security Services safeguard your digital business

For organisations, Elisa’s cyber security services enable comprehensive detection and response capability to detect and respond to information security incidents, regardless of time and place.

Our task is simple – to ensure that your digital business is secure. Achieving this in today’s cyber threat jungle is not always simple, but it can be achieved with the 24/7 Elisa Cyber Security Center service that we have developed.

Cyber security and our cyber security service are based on a well-considered combination of suitable technologies managed and delivered by our top specialists through effective, tested and verified processes. This is the basis for the solid foundation that allows us to implement cyber security capabilities suitable for your organisation, where detecting and analysing threats and deviations is continuous and near immediate and managing corrective actions all takes place quickly without unnecessary intermediaries.


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Musti Group's CIO

Case: Musti Group

Elisa's Cyber Security Center protects Musti Group from various threats and safeguards the company's digital business.

“It literally helps sleep better at night. We highly trust in Elisa’s services.”

Panu Hannula, Musti Group’s CIO

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Why is cyber security monitoring and response ability necessary?

Conventionally, information security has been based on the assumption that risks can be managed within your own organisation. Protection is built on the external edge of the organisation: the interface between internal information systems and the Internet. Firewalls, virus protection and encrypted remote connections are typical means of protection that have become commonplace at companies. Properly implemented and used, these information security mechanisms form a comprehensive preventive security capability that reduces the organisation's exposure to attacks and, therefore, information security risks.

However, blocking and preventive information security solutions are no longer enough to combat the ever-increasing cyber threats or business requirements. Increasingly digital modern business requires a partner that can provide continuous cyber security to ensure the continuity of the organisation's business operations and to meet customer requirements.

The information systems that enable business operations have become complex networks involving many different parties, which makes even carefully constructed protections vulnerable to motivated hackers. The challenge is exacerbated by attackers trying to avoid detection to misuse the systems, for example, to extract cryptocurrency or collect information for fake invoices.

According to a data breach investigation report by Verizon, successful attacks only take a few minutes, whereas, in one in four cases, it takes months before the target organisation even detects the incident, not to mention the time it takes to limit the scope of the attack and repair the damage.

According to the same report, two-thirds of successful attacks come from outside the organisation, and the largest single group of attackers consists of career criminals, such as ransomware gangs and cryptocurrency extraction gangs.

Elisa’s cyber security services complement its network and information security services. Combining them guarantees that Elisa’s customer organisations have the sector’s best blocking and preventive information security services, as well as the modern and cost-effective cyber incident detection and recovery services, at their use.

This combination of Elisa 's top expertise in the design and construction of information security and cyber security solutions genuinely safeguards your digital business!

How can you improve your organisation’s cyber protection level?

Elisa Cyber Security Center

Elisa is a pioneer in cyber security in Finland. We have been providing managed information security services to customers since 1995 (Managed Firewall Service). Elisa’s CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) to monitor cyber security was launched in 2004. Elisa’s Cyber Security Center (Security Operations Center (SOC)) service for corporate customers started in 2015. High-quality incident management and response is in our genes; as a telecommunications operator, we have nearly 140 years of experience in it.

By combining this experience with expertise and understanding of modern technologies, automation and process knowhow, and the desire to understand our customers’ business, we have created an unbeatable cyber security service for our corporate customers. Today we monitor digital business environments of major Finnish organisations 24/7.

Operational cornerstones of Elisa Cyber Security Center:

  • quick start-up
  • comprehensive, appropriate monitoring
  • short time from the start of the attack to damage repair
  • continuous improvement of cyber security experts' competence and operating methods.

Elisa’s Cyber Security Center monitors 24/7

Elisa’s Cyber Security Center monitors 24/7

Our Cyber Security Center service provides uninterrupted visibility and immediate action

We offer a complete solution consisting of detection, response and recovery.

Elisa offers a complete cyber security solution

1. Technologies for protection and detection

Technologies needed for collecting detection data and for mechanical analysis. Typical technologies include:

  • orchestration and automation solution, SOAR (security orchestration, automation and response)
  • SIEM (security incident and event management)
  • detection of email and user ID breaches
  • detection of discrepancies inside the network (terminal devices, servers, network)
  • modern protection, detection and response solutions for terminal devices (endpoint detection and response)
  • cloud service security, detection and response solutions (such as Microsoft M365 information security solutions)
  • scanning and managing vulnerabilities (on-prem and cloud environments).

We deliver a technological solution that suits the customer's needs as a managed service, including maintenance and change management packages. However, our overall service is not tied to a particular technology, and we are able to operate independently by integrating with the customer’s existing information security solutions using, for example, our SOAR and SIEM solutions.

2. Cyber security expertise for timely response

Our cyber security service includes the services of cyber security experts 24/7 for cyber security incident analysis, management and the planning of recovery measures. As part of our service, we provide a comprehensive overview of the cyber security status of the organisation’s information management and business needs through comprehensive reporting, for example.

Our experts are Finnish citizens who have passed security background checks by the Finnish authorities. The Cyber Security Center is located at Elisa’s premises in Helsinki, where our security operations personnel work 24/7. The premises have been audited, and their official protection level is IV. ​

3. Recovery management

IT and network specialists to implement corrective actions and additional protection coordinated by the Cyber Security Center, as part of the information security incident solution.

Elisa has a unique ability to offer corrective actions to IT outsourcing and NOC (Network Operations Center) customers. In a multi-supplier environment, we create smooth cooperation channels with your organisation’s IT service providers.

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