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Current information for Elisa’s corporate customers

Traficom email about checking .fi domain information

Traficom is updating its customer register. As of spring 2023, Traficom has started sending out requests to owners of .fi domains asking them to check the correctness of their information in the domain name register.

If you own a .fi domain, you may have already received an email from Traficom on the subject. Our instructions are also available in Finnish on how to ensure that the contact information for your Traficom .fi domain is up to date.

Instructions for our english speaking customers are listed below.

Purpose and recipients of the message

Traficom will send an email to all holders of .fi domain names, asking them to check the information of their .fi domain. This is to ensure that the information entered in the .fi domain name register is correct.

If the information is correct, the domain owner does not have to do anything.

Traficom Q&A

Is the message from Traficom a scam?

No, it is not. It is an entirely legitimate and appropriate message to ensure the accuracy of the data.

Please note that Traficom will never ask you to provide information by replying to a message or by using a link in the message. All data updates come to Traficom from domain name registrars.

My information is not publicly available at Domain.fi, what do I do?

No immediate action is required if the information available to the public at all times is correct. If the Traficom message has arrived at the correct email address, the information is correct.

If you would like the information (name, phone number, and email address) of the contact person to be shown or hidden from your domain name search, please contact our corporate customer service to change your data visibility settings. Please note that the only information that can be hidden is the information of your contact person.

I know that the email address is invalid. What do I do?

If the contact person entered in the register no longer works for the company or if you know that the email address you have provided is no longer valid, please contact our corporate customer service to update the information.

My domain information contains an invalid company name or business ID. What do I do?

If the contract with Elisa is also owned by an invalid company, the contract must be transferred to the correct company with a contract change order. Please contact our corporate customer service to update your information.

Will my domain be removed if the information is incorrect?

Incorrect information does not in itself lead to the removal of the domain. For example, in situations where another party is claiming the customer’s .fi domain name as its own or that it be removed from the register, Traficom uses the email address entered in the domain name register to consult the customer.

What is Elisa doing to update the information?

Elisa will review the information for each domain acquired through Elisa by the end of 2023. If you have communicated the correct information to Elisa, it will be updated in Traficom’s records.

How to prepare for cyber threats?

Network security

How can businesses and organisations prepare for cyber threats?

5. Maintain backups for key systems. For example, in a ransomware attack, backups may be the only way to restore critical data. Prioritize systems/services according to their business criticality, e.g., AD environment and CRM systems, and ensure that your recovery mechanisms and procedures work.

6. Ensure that you are prepared for exceptional situations. Maintain adequate detect and response capabilities to protect critical resources and to ensure business continuity. Make sure your personnel’s wellbeing and that they have adequate rest breaks.

7. Ensure that plans and responsibilities are up to date. Update continuity plans, especially for the most critical business processes, and recovery plans for the technical processes that support them. In addition, check with potential partners whether their responsibilities are still valid and update the contracts.
8. Build a culture and know-how of security in your organisation. Your personnel should have sufficient knowledge of the procedures to be followed in an exceptional situation. Who should be contacted if the situation requires further action or reporting? Who will help in case of problems? Practise regularly for phishing situations, for example. Communicate security issues openly to the personnel and build trust.

How can personnel prepare for cyber treats?

5. Update your devices. Remember to regularly update both the operating system and applications on your devices.

6. Be wary of messages from unknown senders. Be particularly wary of content containing links or attachments.

7. Do not click on suspicious links or emails or open attachments. 

8. Check URLs before clicking on links or go directly to websites.

Elisa can help you with cybersecurity

Information for Elisa’s corporate customers during the coronavirus pandemic

Elisa takes the coronavirus seriously in all our operations. We are doing our best to ensure that we can provide our corporate customers with a good level of service during these exceptional conditions as well.

On this page, you will find up to date information for corporate customers and our contact details.

Coronavirus Q&A

How are Elisa’s service operations secured?

Most of the sales, customer service and expert work for Elisa’s corporate customers as well as the service production and project work can be carried out remotely and through virtual channels.  With backup resources, alternative practices and our established subcontractor and partner network, we strive to maximise the level of service to our corporate customers in exceptional situations as well. 

Sick leaves of employees, quarantines of people fit to work or other restrictions may slow the work down, however.  Operations that are essential for the continuity of critical customer relations and continuity of operations are dealt with first. Exceptional measures that may be taken during the pandemic will be agreed separately with the customer.

Can the capacity of Elisa’s networks handle the increased load?

Elisa is prepared for the increased load our networks are under. The capacity of our corporate networks and fixed broadband is sufficient even during these exceptional circumstances, and we see no need to restrict internet traffic at this time.

Elisa’s backbone network is designed to handle increased load and the increase in traffic that unlimited data transfer brings. We are keeping a very close eye on the situation and will increase the capacity of our networks if necessary. Traffic in our backbone network has increased by tens of percentages.

The number of video meetings and conferences in organisations is growing as is the amount of people working remotely. We want to provide strong support for our customers as they implement new ways of working. We will also ensure that customer-specific connections and speeds remain at a sufficient level.

How do the restrictions of movement affect Elisa’s services?

Restrictions on movement have no significant effect on Elisa’s services. Elisa supports Finnish authorities in their efforts to limit the spread of the coronavirus. The government decisions on restricting the movement of citizens do not have any effect on Elisa’s services at this time. While travelling to take care of essential tasks our personnel observe all government guidelines and permit processes. Even with the restrictions in place, Elisa will continue to secure the functions critical to society.

How will Elisa’s IT and telecommunications training be organised?

Elisa’s training will continue as normal as remote training. As a pioneer in online training, we use modern tools to organise our courses. This means you can be sure that the quality of the learning material and training we provide is high.

We will send an email with more instructions to those participating in our training.

Does the coronavirus have any effect on the delivery of webstore orders?

Orders from the Elisa Yrityksille webstore are delivered as normal.

What is a VPN connection and how can I make sure my employees use one?

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, makes working remotely secure and smooth. A VPN allows remote workers to access their company’s protected local area network from their home office as well (e.g. intranet and company files). This means they can work from home just as they would at the office.
Why is a VPN an important part of data security?

A VPN service provides a secure and encrypted connection within an open internet environment. A VPN service establishes a secure and encrypted connection between the user’s device to their company’s services. This enables strong identification and users can be provided identical access to the company’s services as they have when they are connected to the company’s network at the office. Most advanced VPN services enable directing part of the traffic directly to the services via an internet connection without having to route the traffic via the tunnelled VPN connection and thus increasing the load of the network, for example, due to the use of broadcasting services.

How do I get a VPN?

If your company does not yet have a VPN service in use, we are happy to provide one for you. Just give us your contact details and one of our sales representatives will contact you.

We have developed our services during the pandemic and are now able to provide VPN connections faster than ever.
I already have an Elisa VPN. How can I make sure all my employees have it too?

Example: If your company has subscribed to the VPN service for 10 users, this means that only 10 employees are able to access the company’s LAN at the same time. If your company has more remote workers than usual due to the coronavirus, please ensure your subscription covers all your employees.

Increasing VPN capacity:

If you need more capacity to your existing Elisa VPN service, please contact our sales team.

Adding users to an existing VPN service:

If your company uses the Elisa VPN user management tool, you can add more users to your VPN in the Corporate OmaElisa. Log in to OmaElisa.

How has Elisa prepared for the coronavirus?

As part of the contingency plan related to exceptional situations and epidemics, Elisa’s employees will also comply with the instructions of the company and the health authorities with regard to the coronavirus. 

We are taking measures to prevent the spread of the virus and to secure the health and safety of our personnel, customers and partners, as best as we can. We are monitoring the guidelines issued by the authorities and travel advisories.

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