IoT solutions enhance your company’s business and processesIoT solutions enhance your company’s business and processes
Elisa IoT solutions

IoT solutions enhance your company’s business and processes

Elisa offers you IoT solutions as an easy overall service. We help you collect real-time data on different targets and utilise it in your business. We design together with you a service package that suits your company’s operating environment.

Our IoT solutions are secure and adaptable to changing needs. Our extensive national network guarantees that the IoT solutions work everywhere in Finland. Our international partners and technology also enable global IoT solutions.

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Location and asset management

  • Locate your property on a map

    Find the accurate location of your company’s assets. You can locate your company’s vehicles, devices and tools, for example. This enhances your company’s processes and saves your employees’ time.

  • Real-time tracking

    You can track where various devices or vehicles are in real time, and check where they were last seen. The up-to-date information helps you manage operations better and react to changes swiftly.

  • Manage the use of property

    The location of devices can be managed and limited. If a device leaves a permitted area, you will be alerted immediately. You can thus detect any unauthorised use of property and theft.

What are the typical use cases of tracking?

Location and asset management as IoT service

Location and asset management are useful in all business sectors. Typical use cases include:

  • Tracking cars and vehicles in a leasing company
  • Locating devices in the caring industry
  • Tracking deliveries and delivery conditions in logistics
  • Finding skips and tools at a construction site
  • Locating waste bins in maintenance work

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Using locational conditions data

  • Information on conditions

    An IoT solution sends you detailed data on temperature and humidity. You also get notified if the air contains harmful substances. This way, you can keep an office's indoor air clean, for example.

  • Ensure the right conditions

    IoT sensors can monitor the position, movement and acceleration of objects. Thanks to this, you can ensure that a consignment is handled correctly during the delivery, for example.

  • Remote-control conditions

    In Elisa’s IoT solutions, the data traffic works both ways – you can also send information back to the sensors and devices. This allows you to control a specific building’s air conditioning remotely.

What can I use conditions data for?

With IoT solutions you can ensure safe working conditons

Conditions data is useful in many sectors. Typical use cases include:

  • Monitoring and controlling the delivery conditions in logistics. This helps ensure the cold chain of food deliveries, as well as deliveries of vaccines and medicine, in the right thermal conditions.
  • Managing indoor ventilation and temperature to prevent the formation of mould, for example.
  • Ensuring safe conditions: for example, the quality of air might be tracked in factories to avoid exposing employees to hazardous chemicals.

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Energy-efficiency management

  • Monitor your energy consumption

    Our IoT solutions give you specific information about the consumption of water and electricity – even in real time. For example, a housing co-op can charge for water according to the actual consumption.

  • Manage energy consumption remotely

    Our duplex IoT network allows you to control your water and electricity meters remotely. This way, you can change the energy consumption at your business premises from a different location.

  • Detect problems and faults quickly

    Accurate and real-time monitoring helps you detect faults immediately. For example, you will know immediately if there is a leaking pipe or a power failure, allowing you to fix the fault right away.

What can I use energy measuring for?

IoT helps to monitor energy consumption
  • Monitoring and managing your company’s energy efficiency
  • Monitoring a housing co-op’s consumption of electricity and water, and charging for them based on actual use
  • Measurements for electricity and water companies, and charging based on actual use
  • Updating various energy metres remotely

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Smart products and solutions

  • More intelligence for your devices

    IoT technology can connect various devices to a network, collect data on them and control them remotely. You can find out about a device’s condition and prepare for required maintenance.

  • Connect data from different sources

    Elisa’s IoT platform gathers data from different sources in a single location. You can choose which devices to collect data from and connect the data to ERP, for example.

  • Use automation for processes and device settings

    Smart solutions can automate many processes like the timing of street lights. Device settings and use can also be adjusted remotely, such as a building’s access rights.

Where can I use smart solutions?

IoT enables smart solutions for companies

Smart solutions suit many uses. For example:

  • Enabling data collection from various devices such as surveillance cameras, and transferring the data from the network to cloud, for example.
  • Setting how different devices and systems work remotely. For example, a company can manage personnel’s access cards remotely.
  • Using equipment data in the various background systems of a company, such as inventory management.

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Customer experiences of IoT solutions

Sandvik uses IoT services


“Elisa’s service and experience provided us with a fast way to utilise IoT. Now everyone can have the data they need and use it to make their operation smoother.”

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Kajave uses NB-IoT solution for their electricity meters

Kajave Oy:

“We began the renovation by identifying the sites where electricity meters could not be read remotely on the mobile network. The NB-IoT meters worked very well even there. We can now provide accurate information for our customers, even in rural areas.”

Read the whole customer case (in Finnish)

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