IoT (Internet of things) can be used in a factory, for example.

IOT takes management to a new level with data

We connect Internet of Things to your business

IoT (Internet of Things) refers to connecting physical objects, as well as services, software and systems, together over the internet. With IoT, your company can receive innovative data, in real time and cost-effectively.

IoT sensors send information on the location of a device, a product’s utilisation rate or a building’s electricity consumption, for example. Better data helps you manage your business more efficiently. Data analysis gives you a new perspective on customer experience, and how to improve it

IoT services from one place

  • IoT subscriptions

    You can choose the fast M2M, Narrowband IoT or Global M2M subscriptions from our selection, depending on your company’s needs.

  • IoT devices

    We have a wide range of IoT devices: water meters, surveillance cameras, GPS trackers and NB-IoT/LTE-M routers.

  • IoT platforms

    Elisa can offer you an IoT platform as a tailored solution, or we can use public cloud platforms such as Azure’s IoT platform.

  • IoT applications

    We make applications for your needs. The application can have data visualisation, analytics, machine learning and AI.

  • IoT data security

    Elisa offers secure IoT solutions, and we help you protect your data, so you can prevent phishing and cyber attacks.

IoT data brings value to your business

Elisa’s comprehensive, reliable and secure network ensures the functionality of IoT solutions.

You can order an IoT solution package from us or only the parts you need, such as IoT subscriptions and platforms. Our selection contains both ready packages and tailored alternatives.

By working together, we can ensure that the IoT data brings true additional value to your business and your end customers.

Our IoT solutions bring intelligence and efficiency

  • Location & asset management

    You can track your company’s devices, cars and other property with IoT technology. The real-time view instantly shows the location of your different devices and items on a map. This makes it easier to manage work and devices – and it saves your time.

  • Using locational conditions data

    IoT solutions can collect specific data on different conditions such as temperature or humidity. The condition data can be used in property management to remotely monitor and control the air conditioning of an office, for example.

  • Energy-efficiency management

    IoT also enables real-time monitoring of energy measurements. Electricity and water readings that can be checked remotely make monitoring easy and location independent. Automatic alerts also help you notice issues such as water damage.

  • Smart products and solutions

    IoT creates new opportunities for digitalisation. IoT solutions can automate and manage many processes such as a building’s access control and street lighting. Smart solutions save your time and costs as you can do more things automatically.

Elisa’s IoT network is extensive

You can see the coverage of NB-IoT and LTE-M networks in Finland from Elisa’s coverage map.

Check the coverage map

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