WiFi-verkko yrityksen pienelle toimipisteelleWiFi-verkko yrityksen pienelle toimipisteelle
Elisa YritysWIFI

Get a Wi-Fi network for your business as a convenient service

Elisa YritysWIFI is a wireless network solution that provides you with a reliable Wi-Fi network for your company’s office or site. The Wi-Fi network can be used by your company or you can offer it to your customers as a guest network.

We offer you an YritysWiFi package to meet your needs. We have options for both small and larger spaces. Take a look at YritysWiFi and contact us! 

We know what we’re selling. You know what you’re buying.

Elisa offers a Wi-Fi network solution as an easy and transparent service. Just tell us what you need and we will offer you a package that works for you.

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Reliable Wi-Fi connectivity with ease

Elisa provides you with a wireless local area network that serves your company’s needs and premises. Our experts will assist you in choosing the right package which will be delivered within the agreed schedule. Explore the options:

YritysWIFI Huoleton

YritysWIFI Huoleton is an easy wireless network solution for a small office or shop. YritysWIFI Huoleton can be used in indoor premises of less than 300 m2 in size.

The package includes:

  • A service package and licence for the Wi-Fi network
  • Installation service
  • Elisa’s management and monitoring service
  • Backup device service

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YritysWIFI Optimoitu

YritysWIFI Optimoitu is a package designed for your business needs. The service is scalable from small to large.

The package includes:

  • An initial assessment, based on which you will get a detailed proposal and plan for the most suitable Wi-Fi network for you.
  • A service package and licence for the Wi-Fi network
  • An installation service
  • Elisa’s management and monitoring service
  • Backup device service

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Why choose Elisa YritysWIFI?

  • A cost-effective package

    Costs are easy to predict thanks to YritysWIFI's fixed monthly pricing.

  • Safe service

    Elisa controls and monitors the network so that you can enjoy a secure service.

  • Easy capacity management

    You get separate bandwidth for guest network users and company use, such as payment traffic.

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A reliable internet service

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