Lähiverkko Classic can provide a fixed or wireless LAN for the companyLähiverkko Classic can provide a fixed or wireless LAN for the company
Elisa Lähiverkko Classic

A classic local area network is ideal for an entire site

Lähiverkko Classic is a traditionally built local area network (LAN) model for the needs of all sizes and shapes of organisation. Classic LAN technology can be used to deploy an indoor network for just a few people, or for a site encompassing thousands of employees. Depending on the site and the customer’s wishes, we can deploy a fixed and/or wireless LAN.

Elisa has built classic local area networks for different organisations both within Finland and in other countries. We have very strong skills in all related technologies and products from various manufacturers. Our solid knowledge, tested processes and extensive experience guarantee a functioning package for your company.

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Benefits of Lähiverkko Classic

Reliable technology

Lähiverkko Classic is based on technologies developed back in the 1990s. Because of this, it is very reliable, and products from different manufacturers are highly compatible with each other. This allows for less dependence on manufacturers and an efficient choice of solution through bidding.

Extensive scalability

Lähiverkko Classic can be scaled for very different companies. Over the years, it has been utilised for creating work sites of varying sizes, as well as for deploying LANs for organisations both large and small. It can be implemented in very various environments.

Expert service

Elisa has accumulated strong skills in local area networks over several decades. Our experience and technology knowledge help us to plan and deploy a functioning local area network for your company. This is visible to customers in the form of fast schedules and easy deployment.

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