A private network ensures a company’s critical data communicationsA private network ensures a company’s critical data communications
Elisa Privaattiverkko

Private Network ensures a company’s critical data communications

Elisa Privaattiverkko (a private network) is a customer-specific tailored local mobile network. A private network provides companies with ensured capacity, high availability and secure data communications.

A private mobile network can be built according to the customer’s needs and for numerous different purposes. In the industrial sector, it can be used in factories, in control systems and for IoT applications in trade & logistics sectors.

Elisa provides a private network as a turnkey service. We design and build the private network specifically for your company’s business operations.

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How does a private network work?

Elisa Privaattiverkko can be built with 4G or 5G technology.

The private network is always created specifically for a customer, and it can be accessed only by the subscriptions your company chooses. This ensures network capacity and reliability. In a tailored network, you can also keep data traffic within the private network, in which case it will not be transferred to external networks. This way, all data remains local and the company is in control of the information security.

There is consistent low latency in the private network, which promotes critical and quick communication. The private network can also remain unaffected by any disruptions in the public network and thus maintain a stable network connection for your company’s services. The private network supports mobile work and it works on standard mobile devices. Devices connected to the private network can also use Elisa’s public mobile network if they are moved outside the private network.

Benefits of a private network

  • Mobile network customised for the company

  • High and ensured capacity

  • Strong information security

Elisa can build a private network to your needs

Elisa as a reliable partner

At Elisa, we can build a private network to suit your company. We have access to all mobile frequencies and strong expertise in the planning, construction and maintenance of mobile networks.

Before starting the project, we will organise a joint workshop to identify the needs and goals of your company for using the private network. Then, we will plan a suitable solution for you and implement it within the agreed schedule.

Elisa has comprehensive data communications solutions and strong experience in Wi-Fi solutions, information security and large corporate networks. We can design a comprehensive solution that will give your organisation the best benefit of the private network.

Customer cases

Private networks inside a hospital

Case: Varsinais-Suomen sairaanhoitopiiri (VSSHP)

Turku University Hospital deployed Elisa’s private network. In a closed mobile network, the hospital’s employees can use their smartphones smoothly and safely to carry out work. The employees’ connections are guaranteed in their own mobile network as patients’ smartphones cannot overload the same network.

“It is critical that calls and data connections work at the hospital. Elisa’s private network helps us ensure smooth connections. Our experiences are very good.”

Read the complete customer case (in Finnish)

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