MPLS Yritysverkko creates a closed and secure IP multi-service networkMPLS Yritysverkko creates a closed and secure IP multi-service network
MPLS Yritysverkko

MPLS technology gives you a reliable and stable corporate network

MPLS Yritysverkko creates a closed and secure IP multi-service network for the customer. With MPLS Yritysverkko, you can share software and hardware resources between your different sites effectively – both in Finland and abroad.

MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) is a stable and established technology. It offers an excellent platform for various applications and cloud integration, and for transferring data, speech and video.

MPLS Yritysverkko is ideal for companies that have several business sites. Take a look at the features of MPLS Yritysverkko and ask our experts for more details!


Benefits of Elisa MPLS network

  • Excellent multi-service network

    With MPLS Yritysverkko, you can transfer speech, data and video. It can be connected to several daily tools, such as team and content management as well as telephone exchange applications. You can also connect the MPLS network to your company’s data centre and information security services.

  • Reliable and scalable

    Our grid is efficient and congestion-free, which ensures smooth data traffic for your company. The network can be expanded and its capacity increased easily. The connection speed can be raised or lowered according to your company’s needs.

  • Network management 24/7

    Elisa offers proactive control and management. Our trained personnel prevent problems in the network and quickly fix disruptions. We actively inform you of any changes related to the network. This way, you can trust that your corporate network works.

Technical features of the MPLS network

  • Geographical availability: Finland, the Baltic countries, the Nordic countries and the entire world
  • Subscription technologies: Fibre, xDSL, mobile network
  • Fibre subscription speed: 10 Mbps – 10 Gbps
  • Symmetrical SHDSL subscription speed: 2/2 Mbps – 10/10 Mbps
  • Asymmetrical VDSL subscription speed: 30/5M – 100/50M full rate, in which case the speed is scaled in accordance with the length and quality of the copper cable.
  • Protocols: IP and IPv6
  • SLA selection: A wide range of service levels. The widest service hours are 24/7, and the target time for fault repairs can be scaled for the customer’s needs.
  • Terminal device router: Terminal device routers are included in each subscription. The router is placed in the customer’s facilities, and it is controlled and monitored by Elisa.
  • Available cloud integration: Azure Express Route, AWS Direct Connect, Google Cloud Interconnect and Oracle Fast Connect.

Additional services for the MPLS network

Increased level of service (SLA): Increased service levels make it possible to extend the service hours to evenings and weekends, or to reduce the target time for fault repairs to six hours, for example.

Multi-VPN: A single physical corporate network subscription can have several areas separated from each other. A company’s different departments can have their own network segments that cannot detect each other, for example.

Mobile backup connection: If the fibre or copper cable used for the subscription is cut off, the data communications automatically switch to a backup connection based on Elisa’s mobile network.

Fixed backup: Two fibre subscriptions delivered to the same address are configured to back each other up in a functional manner.

Centralised firewall: A firewall is necessary to ensure information security. Elisa’s centralised firewall service provides cover from Elisa’s data centres without needing to place any additional equipment in the customer’s facilities. The entire corporate network will have a common firewall that enables centralised control of information security and minimises the external attack surface.

IPv6: Version 6 of the IP protocol is a next-generation data communications policy that enables almost an unlimited number of public IPv6 addresses.

Quality of Service (QoS) for IP traffic: We can define a quality level for IP traffic that guarantees the high quality of voice transmission for certain speech and video applications, even in the subscription’s potential congested conditions.

WLAN in the router: Wireless base stations (Wi-Fi) enable workstations to connect to the router wirelessly. WLAN is available for mobile subscriptions of a corporate network.

SNMP reading rights: If the customer has their own network monitoring software, the customer can read data related to data communications directly from the router.

BGP routing: Dynamic routing can be determined between Elisa’s and the customer’s routers.

Express delivery: The typical delivery time is approximately three weeks. As an express delivery, the subscription can be delivered in roughly a week.

Elisa's experts help you with MPLS corporate network

Elisa offers an MPLS connection as a reliable service

  • The technical infrastructure of the corporate network is in Elisa’s hands. This allows us to control the corporate network from start to end, without any middlemen.
  • We have overall responsibility for the corporate network solution as a comprehensive service, allowing you to focus on your core business.
  • The fixed monthly price makes MPLS Yritysverkko a cost-effective and easy-to-budget connection solution.
  • A range of additional services provide you with the type of corporate network you need.
  • Elisa has an extensive network of international partners, allowing the network to grow abroad.

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