Ethernet WAN lets you build exactly the network you wantEthernet WAN lets you build exactly the network you want
Ethernet WAN

Ethernet WAN lets you build exactly the network you want

Our Ethernet WAN service is based on Elisa’s modern, robust, high-capacity backbone network. Ethernet WAN provides efficient data transfer for companies that want to operate their IP networks themselves. Ethernet WAN is also excellent for large data transfers between data centres, for example.

You can build an ICT environment that suits your company’s needs flexibly on top of Elisa’s Ethernet WAN platform – either independently or with the help of Elisa’s experts. Elisa’s competent personnel monitor and manage the backbone network, which ensures functional connections. Elisa supplies the Ethernet service both locally, nationally and globally. Elisa’s Ethernet WAN is used by IT integrators, customers in the media industry and public organisations, for example.

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Benefits of an Ethernet WAN network

Transfer large volumes of data

The Ethernet service offers a high capacity – even up to 10 Gbps when needed. This allows you to transfer large amounts of data between business sites and share media quickly.

Build the combination you want

The service is located below the IP layer, and you can build your own IP router network on top of it. It is also easy to connect ordinary routers and switches to the Ethernet interface.

Use a secure service

Ethernet WAN is secure. The backbone network has high fault tolerance, and we manage the network actively. The Ethernet WAN delivered to your company is also separated from other customers and the internet.

Technical features of the Ethernet WAN

  • Handling of customer’s VLANs: All VLANs are passed through without any changes.
  • Handling of customer’s p bits: Transparent, the network does not change the p bit values.
  • Class of Service (CoS) of traffic: Available as an additional service. Typically used for the “best effort” traffic type.
  • Number of MAC addresses: The number of MAC addresses has not been restricted when using point-to-point connections and hub-spoke topology. The ELAN topology contains subscription- and network-specific restrictions.
  • Geographical availability: Domestic and international. The technical features of international services will be determined separately on a case-by-case basis.
  • Interface in customer facilities: Alternatively, either the “fibre end” without a separate terminal device, or the electronic Ethernet port of the demarcation device (RJ-45).

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