Mobile Gateway brings closed mobile connections to corporate networksMobile Gateway brings closed mobile connections to corporate networks
Mobile Gateway

Mobile Gateway brings closed mobile connections to corporate networks

Mobile Gateway is a solution for creating a closed and secure connection from a mobile device to the corporate network. Thanks to Mobile Gateway, your company’s employees can use the company’s systems with a mobile device. A closed connection ensures that outsiders will not be able to use the same connection and access your company’s data.

Mobile Gateway includes a company-specific APN (access point name) for the mobile network that has been separated from the internet and other APN customers as its own closed world. Mobile Gateway connects this closed mobile environment to the MPLS corporate network. This way, employees can have their own “band” through which they use the corporate network’s applications on their mobile devices.

Mobile Gateway and APN have two key application areas. Firstly, it can be used in mobile working when employees want to connect their mobile devices to the corporate network. Secondly, the solution is suitable as an M2M (machine-to-machine) platform. For example, electricity or water meters can be read and lights controlled remotely with Mobile Gateway.

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Mobile Gateway applications

Mobile Working

Using Mobile Gateway, your company’s employees can use the corporate network via a closed connection on mobile devices. For example, a technician can use a tablet to access the company’s work control system and enter the customer’s information in the company’s systems in real time.

Your company can specify which services and applications each employee can see on different devices. This is often defined in the corporate network firewall. Your company’s information remains within your organisation.

A Mobile Gateway connection can be used for:

  • Remote working on mobile devices, such as the work of experts and salespersons
  • Digital fieldwork, such as with mobile devices used by technicians and service personnel
  • Mobile devices of care workers, such as in home care
  • Driving control systems in logistics

In M2M solutions

M2M (machine-to-machine) refers to an approach where two devices exchange information with each other without immediate human interaction. For this type of operation, the mobile network’s APN and Mobile Gateway form a natural basis. For example, CCTV cameras or measuring equipment send sensitive data to the company’s systems – closed and on your own band.

 Mobile Gateway connection can be used for:

  • Reading electricity, energy and water meters remotely
  • Surveillance equipment, such as video and access control
  • Automated monitoring of machinery and equipment status
  • Monitoring the storage situation
  • Control of process status
  • Controlling food and drink vending machines

Why choose Mobile Gateway?

Mobile Gateway offers a closed connection for business

Mobile usage is growing

Mobile devices and applications are becoming more common in all sectors. Elisa’s Mobile Gateway is suitable for both industrial devices and remote working.

Closed connection to mobile devices

People outside Mobile Gateway cannot access the company’s closed data communications environment. This makes it safe to use the company’s applications on a mobile device.

Highly functional overall solution

Elisa offers Mobile Gateway as a comprehensive service. This way, we can secure a stable connection that serves your company’s mobile business operations.

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Mobile Gateway features

Mobile Gateway's technical features

Mobile Gateway’s technical features

  • Mobile Gateway connects a closed mobile environment (APN) and a customer-specific environment on a fixed network (Elisa corporate network, IP-/MPLS-based WAN).
  • The mobile subscriptions can use primary IP addresses, and mobile subscriptions can be isolated from the internet.
  • Elisa Mobile Gateway supports many packaged data transfer techniques, such as GPRS, EDGE, 3G, LTE/4G and 5G.
Using devices in the APN network is easy

How does Mobile Gateway work in practice?

  • Users are connected to the APN network with mobile devices that have a SIM card connected to the particular APN.
  • The company can define (in its firewall, for example) which applications can be accessed by the remote device. A typical usage is connecting access to the company’s applications, such as work guidance and monitoring, to the Mobile Gateway network.
  • Using devices in the APN network is easy and quick. Logging into a device does not require personal identification, which is typical for a VPN connection.
Elisa's experts help you to get Mobile Gateway solution according to your needs

Elisa offers Mobile Gateway as a functional service

Mobile Gateway is provided for the customer either as an overall solution or for a specific use purpose. Elisa’s experts identify your company’s needs and recommend a functional solution based on it.

The solution may consist of the following services:

  • Mobile devices (telephones, tablets and data collection terminal)
  • Elisa’s mobile network subscriptions (M2M or mobile broadband), i.e., “SIM cards”
  • Mobile Gateway, including APN
  • Corporate network subscription(s) in the customer’s data centre

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