SD-WAN is modern corporate networkSD-WAN is modern corporate network
Elisa SD-WAN

Software-defined SD-WAN transfers your corporate network to the cloud

In the next-generation SD-WAN network, physical data connections and the logical structure of the network have been separated. Corporate networks are centrally steered from the cloud, which gives flexibility and better visibility to the network.

The network can be quickly modified and scaled when the needs or geographical focus change. Different technologies and subscriptions from different operators can be connected to it to form a single, seamless solution. We will provide you with the best expertise to develop your corporate network. We guarantee that switching to an SD-WAN corporate network is controlled, and it will be done at the pace your company wants.

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Benefits of Elisa SD-WAN network

Modern corporate network

SD-WAN is a virtual and programmable network that is constructed over physical data networks. You can use physical networks and technologies from different operators as the basis for the SD-WAN. The SD-WAN adapts to your ICT environment, and it is not tied to a specific supplier.

Improved network visibility

A cloud-based corporate network provides even better visibility of what is happening in the network. It reveals bottlenecks in data communications, for example. Elisa offers access to a visual analytics portal that allows you to easily monitor the events in your network.

Global network easily

A global network can be created with fully coherent technology. This enables regional differences in the technology and availability of subscriptions to be eliminated. The SD-WAN thus brings operational reliability and cost savings to an international network.

Technical features of a software-defined network

  • Application-based routing and load balancing between different connections.
  • Advanced analytics.
  • The possibility to make high availability solutions that are fault-tolerant by combining different underlay techniques.
  • Integrated 4G functionality.
  • If required, each business site’s subscription can be a local firewall, improving the efficient use of virtual private clouds, such as Azure and AWS.

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