SD-LAN is a software-defined local area networkSD-LAN is a software-defined local area network
Elisa SD-LAN

SD-LAN is a next-generation local area network for a dynamic environment

The Elisa SD-LAN service gives you a secure and insightful local area network. The digital network platform uses software-defined technology that allows swift management and accurate monitoring of the local area network. This novel solution can also increase automation in the network’s management and optimisation.

In addition to a modern local area network, the SD-LAN service also brings you the help of Elisa’s experts. We will design the SD-LAN network as part of your ICT infrastructure, and you can use our extensive management and maintenance services. This way, we ensure that the solution is optimal and develops with your business needs.

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Benefits of an SD-LAN network

Better visibility to the network

SD-LAN makes the network’s traffic visible. It tells you what is truly going on in the network in terms of performance, users, applications and devices. The data gives you new insights on the environment and users that support your business. The observational capacity also brings security all around the company’s network.

Integrated data security

Modern data security is comprehensive, and all infrastructure participates in building it. Software-defined LAN technology is secure, and its better visibility help you detect network threats instantly and act fast. You can react quickly to malware and exclude specific devices from the network, for example.

Quick troubleshooting

SD-LAN gathers data related to the network from different sources. By using machine learning, the network analyses the collected data proactively, identifying correlations and deviations. On this basis, the network can help predict faults and produce instructions to support operation. Troubleshooting is thus quicker than before.

Automation helps work

In an SD-LAN network, network devices are configured centrally. This reduces the number of mistakes from manual work in configuring the network devices. System updates are also centralised and scheduled on an SD-LAN. Automation facilitates the work of ICT personnel and keeps the network up to date.

Easy management

In SD-LAN, the management of users, applications and rights is simple. All the terminal devices to be connected in the network are identified, and based on their identity, they are given rights to use the network’s services. You can thus control access rights so that only certain people have access to certain devices.

How does the modern, software-defined local area network work?

Software-defined technology brings automation and better visibility to local area network

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