Employee OmaElisa

Order your work devices easily from the employee’s own device store, check the PUK code of your work phone and monitor your data use 24/7 when travelling.


If you have Elisa’s corporate subscription, the Employee OmaElisa service allows you to

  • check your PUK code
  • view the QR code of your eSIM (according to your company’s agreement)
  • view real-time use and call details of your subscription
  • check the data limits for international calls (updates to the service with a delay of five minutes or after every 25 MBs)
  • choose the right tools from the employee’s device store (available, if your employer has created a device store at Employee OmaElisa).
  • redeem the device you are using
  • make a service request for your decice

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How to activate Employee OmaElisa

1. Get to know Employee OmaElisa 

This page includes information about Employee OmaElisa and its features. Also watch the above video. The bottom of the page includes answers to the most frequently asked questions.

2. Create a user Identifier and log in

You can log in with:

  • The Mobile ID linked to your work phone
  • The Elisa ID you use to log in to Elisa services like Elisa Viihde or consumer customer's OmaElisa

If you do not have an Elisa ID or you have forgotten your password, click I do not have Elisa ID yet and want to register on the login page. It is advisable to use a personal email address instead of a work email to create the ID

Add your subscription (only Elisa subscriptions)

3. Fill in your contact information

Fill in your contact information in the Personal data section of Employee OmaElisa. You can also set your preferred language and, if necessary, change your password.

4.Add your subscription (only Elisa subscriptions)

Register your work phone subscription in the service. When you have logged in, select My devices and subscriptions and ADD SUBSCRIPTION. Enter your work phone number. You will receive a one-time confirmation code by text message. The code is our way of making sure that the subscription is yours.

If you have more than one work subscription, you can add them to the same view by registering each subscription separately.

FAQ – frequently asked questions and their answers

Below, you can find help with potential problem situations and answers to some frequently asked questions.

Help with problem situations

Questions related to the employee’s device store

Other questions and answers