With Elisa Turbonappi you can get faster mobile data speed to your work phoneWith Elisa Turbonappi you can get faster mobile data speed to your work phone
Elisa Turbonappi for companies

Use the fastest data speed in your mobile subscription

Would you like to use the maximum connection speed of the network?

Elisa Turbonappi is an additional service for Elisa mobile subscriptions that allows you to surf at the maximum speed of the 4G and 5G network. At turbo speed, remote working is easier, and you can also make video calls to friends and binge-watch shows on Netflix without interruptions.

Using Turbonappi, you can get the best connection for your terminal device and location. With a 5G phone, you can access the best 5G connection in your area, or the best 4G connection with a 4G phone.

Order Turbonappi easily by text message, and increase your subscription’s connection speed for one day or a week. Learn more and subscribe!

Order Turbonappi easily

  • One-day package 1,90€

    Valid for 24 hours

    Includes VAT 24%

    Text “TILAA TURBO” to the number 17258

  • One-week package 9,90€

    Valid for 7 days

    Includes VAT 24%

    Text “TILAA TURBOVIIKKO” to the number 17258

How does the service work in practice?

You can order Turbonappi with an SMS

How does the ordering happen?

  • You can order the additional Turbonappi service if you are using an Elisa telephone or mobile broadband subscription for companies. Text "TILAA TURBO" (24h) or "TILAA TURBOVIIKKO" (7 days) to the number 17258.
  • When you order the Turbonappi service, you can use it immediately. You will receive notification by SMS when data usage starts and when the package is about to end.
  • Data transfer rates vary depending on the properties, the location of the device and the network load. For example, a 4G phone allows you to use the best 4G connection and a 5G phone allows the best 5G connection in your coverage area.
Turbonappi brings faster data connection for employees

How does the payment work?

  • Turbonappi can be ordered via service number (text message). You can see the charge on your phone bill.
  • The main user of the company can edit the service number blocking categories in OmaElisa for companies:

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