Elisa Oma Lasku for companies - Choose your own device for work with Elisa's Oma Lasku serviceElisa Oma Lasku for companies - Choose your own device for work with Elisa's Oma Lasku service
Elisa Oma Lasku for companies

Do you want to make the best use of corporate subscriptions and devices?

Employees are using their work phones more and more during their free time. For this reason, they want to select devices and services that suit them. Elisa Oma Lasku is the solution for this growing trend that helps you keep your employees satisfied.

Elisa Oma Lasku is an easy way to offer additional services to corporate subscriptions and equipment.

The idea of the service is that the company and employee can share the invoicing for the subscription or device. Employees can use different services subject to fees with their work phone, choose a better device than the standard one or get a faster connection.

Read about the Oma Lasku options and activate them easily.

What kinds of additional services would you like for your employees?

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Oma Lasku services

  • Service numbers

    Service numbers

    Employees can use the mobile subscription for different services subject to fees, such as paying a parking fee or a transport ticket.

  • Turbonappi lisäpalveluna


    Employees can order the maximum connection speed of the 4G or 5G network for a day, a week or a month. A faster connection makes remote working and leisure time more efficient.

  • Elisa Oma Laitelasku

    Elisa Oma Laitelasku

    An employee can acquire a more expensive phone than your company’s standard. Thanks to this, the phone is exactly what they want to have.

With Oma Lasku service, employees can use service numbers with their corporate subscription

Service numbers – use your corporate subscription during leisure time

With the help of an additional service, employees can call service numbers subject to a fee, buy public transport tickets, pay for parking or participate in various votes with their corporate subscription without worrying about limitations.

Service numbers are a free additional service for companies. Employees pay for the service as they use it.

Read more about service numbers

Elisa Turbonappi brings you faster data connection

Elisa Turbonappi

Employees can order a faster 4G or 5G connection to their mobile device with Elisa Turbonappi. The service works on Elisa’s 4G and 5G business subscriptions.

The service is subject to an additional fee and you can order Turbonappi easily on our website for a day, a week or a month. The payment methods we accept are credit card (Visa or Mastercard) and MobilePay.

Order Turbonappi

With Elisa Oma Laitelasku your employees can choose their own device

Elisa Oma Laitelasku – choose your own device

With Oma Laitelasku, employees can purchase a device that costs more than the standard. The company defines a maximum monthly price with which a device can be ordered, and any excess can be charged from the employee using Oma Laitelasku.

For example, Company X decides that it will pay up to €20 per month for a mobile phone, making the possible purchase value of a mobile phone €500. If the employee wants a phone that costs more than €500, the employee can pay the excess in monthly instalments with Oma Laitelasku.

You can start using Elisa Oma Laitelasku if your company has an Elisa Palvelupäätelaite agreement (in Finnish).

Your employees can purchase the device they possess at the end of the 24-month contract if they want to.

For the employer

Benefits for companies

  • Brings added value and variation for the corporate subscription
  • More effective, satisfied and committed employees
  • No need to monitor phone charges
  • Saves costs
  • Compliant with the Tax Administration’s guidelines on the use of mobile phones as a tax benefit
  • The company can select the services it offers, and employees can pay for any other services they need

Start using Oma Lasku services

  • Service numbers:

Log in to OmaElisa for Companies and permit additional Elisa Oma Lasku services for employees: oma.elisa.fi/yrityksille/omalasku.

  • Turbonappi:

You can order the service on Turbonappi's website.

  • Oma Laitelasku: 

When the company subscribes to the Elisa Palvelupäätelaite service, the company’s administrator can log in to OmaElisa for companies and create device lists for the company that can be displayed in Employee’s OmaElisa. Make the necessary changes to blocking categories in advance from subscription management, either for all the company’s subscriptions at once, or for selected individual subscriptions.

For the employee

Benefits for employees

  • Possibility to use a business subscription for private calls
  • No need for two mobile phones
  • Possibility to use service numbers subject to additional fees
  • Easier daily transactions and plenty of opportunities during leisure time
  • The use of a phone remains personal and private
  • The invoice is sent to your home address

Start using Oma Lasku easily

All you need is your Elisa and banking credentials or a Mobile ID and your mobile phone.

We are transferring services to the new Employee’s OmaElisa in stages, which means that you can use two ordering channels for a while.

Service number subscriptions

  1. When ordering service numbers, log in to the order page using your Elisa IDs or create a new ID.
  2. Verify your identity with your online banking credentials or a Mobile ID.
  3. Enter your phone number and then the confirmation code that was sent to your phone.
  4. Read the additional information on the page, fill in your contact information and start using the service.

In our instructions section, you can find good instructions for ordering Oma Lasku services. 

Turbonappi order

  1. You can order the service on Turbonappi's website. The service works in Elisa’s 4G and 5G corporate subscriptions.
  2. You can order Turbonappi for a day, a week or a month.

Oma Laitelasku order

  1. For an Oma Laitelasku order, log in to Employee OmaElisa and activate the service for your subscription.
  2. Go to the device store where you can see the devices your employer has selected.
  3. If you choose a device with a surcharge, you will pay the costs displayed yourself.
  4. You can buy devices and accessories in the device store and confirm the order. You can find more instructions for Employee OmaElisa here.

Instructions and help

Instructions about Oma Lasku

How can I edit service number blocks?

With service number blocks, you can restrict how the company's mobile subscriptions are used. This way you can determine, for example, if employees can call to chargeable service numbers or do orders via SMS.

The company's main user can check and edit service number blocks for different subscriptions in OmaElisa for companies.

Log in to OmaElisa for companies

Log in to the old OmaElisa for companies

Other instructions

Ordering and accepting Oma Lasku

Infos about Employee OmaElisa

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