Mobile phone subscriptions for companies

Elisa is a market leader in telecommunications. We provide a wide variety of phone subscriptions to meet your business' needs.

Speed, reliability and the coverage of our 5G and 4G networks ensure the quality of our phone subscriptions.

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Fast reliable 5G network

5g Coverage

Elisa's ultra-fast, reliable and comprehensive 5G network offers users a smooth and functional internet connection.

You work, attend to meetings, surf, watch streaming services and everything just works.


Roaming prices abroad

Phone subscription roaming prices

With our corporate phone subscription, you don't need to worry about costs while using your phone when traveling in the EU and EEA countries.

Roaming is easy with Elisa’s mobile subscriptions as the price of phone calls and messages in the EU and EEA countries is the same as in Finland, and you can use your subscription in accordance with your data limit.

When travelling in other countries, prices are defined on the basis of use and the destination country. 

Read more about roaming and see pricing for all countries.

Services for mobile subscriptions

  • Elisa Oma Lasku

    More flexibility to subscription and equipment plans

    With Elisa Oma Lasku the company employees can for example use different services subject to fees with their work phone or get a faster connection.

  • Elisa Turbonappi

    Boost your mobile data speed with Elisa Turbonappi

    Elisa Turbonappi is an additional service for Elisa mobile phone subscriptions. It allows you to surf at the maximum speed of the 4G and 5G network.

  • Mobiilitietoturva

    Mobiilitietototurva mobile data security

    Elisa Mobiilitietoturva provides protection for your company’s mobile devices against vulnerabilities and attacks. The service is especially designed for medium-sized and large companies.

Internet connection services for companies

Looking for an fixed or mobile internet connection?

Elisa offers a variety of internet connections to fit all needs; from small home offices to big corporates.

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