Internet connections for companies

Elisa provides a variety of internet connections from mobile 5G's to dedicated corporate broadband subscriptions for companies.

From us, you get always high-quality and fast broadband for your company. In our selection, you can find business broadband for the office, remote work and your business premises.

Elisa's internet connection solutions and services are suitable for companies of different sizes and needs.

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Elisa Netti Lite

Elisa Netti Lite is mobile or fixed broadband subscription ideal for remote work, home offices and other small offices.

It's available with a variety of technologies, from optical to mobile based on your location and preference.

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Elisa Netti Plus and Pro

Elisa Netti Plus and Elisa Netti Pro are dedicated internet access subscriptions with fixed public IP addressing and a managed router at customer premises.

Both provide a stable and reliable internet service. While Netti Plus is suitable also for smaller companies, Netti Pro has the capacity to meet very high needs.

Elisa IoT (M2M) service

Elisa’s Iot subscription enables you to connect your company’s various devices to the information systems over a mobile network.

This allows you to manage and monitor your company’s devices over a mobile network. Our Iot (M2M) device subcriptions support both domestic and international business operations.

Technologies available for broadband subscriptions

The options for our broadband internet connections are fiber, cable modem, copper (VDSL) and 4G and 5G mobile broadband.

5G network is available also as a fixed connection to home or office as an additional service.

Additional services for our internet connections

  • VPN for secure internet connections

    VPN connection for secure remote working

    Elisa’s VPN solution ensures secure remote working conditions easily with strong authentication and encrypted connections. It makes your company’s internal services or files available to employees, regardless of location.

  • Elisa Palomuuri firewall service

    Elisa Palomuuripalvelu firewall service

    Our firewall service provides always up-to-date information security with comprehensive reporting features. Reporting tool helps you to identify risks in online environment and address any defects, such as by restraining applications that use a lot of bandwidth.

  • Cyber security services

    Cyber Security Services

    Elisa is a pioneer in cyber security in Finland. High-quality incident management and response is in our genes. Our services are based on a well-considered combination of suitable technologies managed and delivered by our top specialists through effective, tested and verified processes.

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