3G being removed from use during 2023

3G being removed from use during 2023

We are moving towards newer technology

Elisa is increasingly investing in newer network technologies (4G, 5G) that offer a better user experience and respond better to current and future needs. During 2023, Elisa's 3G network will be removed from use in phases throughout Finland, after which the frequencies will be available for the 4G network.

For most of our corporate customers, services will continue to operate as normal. Investing in the 4G and 5G networks also provides companies with faster and more reliable connections, better call quality and smoother data transfer.

Companies with devices that only support the 3G network are a special case. When 3G is removed from use, these devices will switch to the 2G network, and their data transfer rates may slow down significantly. In this situation, we recommend replacing the devices with newer versions that support at least the 4G network.


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3g being removed from use

Do I need to do anything? 

If you use a device that only supports the 3G network, we recommend replacing it with a newer device that supports 4G or 5G networks. After the rundown of the 3G network, 3G phones will only work over the 2G network.

A small number of our customers are using outdated 3G network SIM cards that cannot access the 4G and 5G networks. We will notify customers who need to change SIM cards.



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