Instructions and tips

Instructions and tips

Need a PUK code? Lost your phone? Worried about use of data abroad?

Forthcoming updates on 2023

Discontinuation of ADSL technology

Elisa will discontinue the use of ADSL technology by the end of 2023 since its technical capability is not sufficient for future needs and speed requirements. More information on ASDL updates page.

How to check what subsciption you have

In order to check what subscription you have, there are three options: 1) See your invoice, 2) Log in to Yritysten OmaElisa, 3) Contact our sales department and we'll help you to check your subscription details.

Removal of 3G from use

Elisa's 3G network will be removed from use in phases throughout Finland during 2023, after which the frequencies will be available for the 4G network. However, companies with devices that only support the 3G network are a special case. When 3G is removed from use, these devices will switch to the 2G network. In this situation, we recommend replacing the devices with newer versions that support at least the 4G network. More information on 3G being removed page.

PUK code and PIN code

PUK code

If you entered the PIN incorrectly three times, the SIM card locks automatically. You will then need the PUK code to unlock the device. 

You can get the PUK code from Yritysten OmaElisa. If you have a work subscription, ask the contact person at your company to get the PUK code for you.
The PUK code can only be verified by the owner of the subscription. If your subscription is in the name of a company, the PUK code can only be obtained by the contact person at the company.

How to get the PUK code:

1. Log in to Yritysten OmaElisa.

2. Select "Hallinnoi palveluitasi" > "Tee yksittäinen muutos".

3. Select the subscription you need the PUK code for.

4. The PUK code can be found in the subscription information.

Getting a PUK code from Yritysten OmaElisa is free of charge. Getting the PUK code through Elisa corporate customer services or from Elisa shops is subject to a fee, in accordance with our service price list.

Note! For MultiSIM subscriptions, both SIM cards or subscriptions have their own PUK codes. Select the SIM card / subscription you need.

The SIM card will lock completely if the PUK code is entered incorrectly ten times. In this case, the phone indicates “SIM card rejected”. When this happens, you will only be able to access your subscription with a new SIM card.

If your are a private customer, read these tips on getting a PUK code.

PIN code

The PIN code is the ID number for the SIM card of the subscription. If your device is set to request the PIN of the SIM card before the subscription can be accessed, you must enter the correct PIN when you restart the device.

The default PIN code for Elisa subscriptions is 1234. We recommend that you change the code to a personal one. To change the PIN code, go to the settings on your device. If you enter the PIN incorrectly three times, the SIM card locks automatically. To unlock the card, you will need to enter the PUK code.

A PIN2 code is in use on SIM cards that enable limited dialling. The default PIN2 code for Elisa subscriptions is 4321.We also recommend that you also change the PIN2 code from the settings on your device. If you enter the PIN2 code incorrectly three times, the SIM card locks automatically. To unlock the card, you will need to enter the PUK2 code.

Handle your company’s business easily online

OmaElisa for companies service

In OmaElisa for companies, you can upgrade your business subscriptions and pay invoices. You can also find the PUK code for your subscription, change your billing information for your business, and request deferred payment.

Create a username and password

You can create your own ID – your own username and password – if you are an Elisa corporate customer and if you have authority to sign for your company.

In creating a username, you also provide your phone number. You’ll need your phone number if you ever have to ask for a forgotten password. The password will be sent by text message to your phone.

1. Go to the login.
2. In the field on the right, enter your company’s business identity code.
3. Then select your bank from the list below.
4. Enter your personal bank ID in the box that opens.
5. The system will then create a username for you.
6. We will send you the password by email or text message. You should change the password at the first login.

Change password

2. In the upper right corner, select click on Own Data.
3. Click Changing your password.
4. First, enter your current password, and then enter your new password twice.
5. Click Save.

When a SIM card or device is lost or stolen

1. Report the loss to Elisa

Report the loss to Elisa and we will immediately block access to your subscription. To do this, call +358 010 80 4400. The line is open 24/7.

You can also block access to a company subscription by logging in to Yritysten OmaElisa:
Laitteet ja liittymät > Tee yksittäinen muutos > Valitse liittymä > Liittymä tila > Sulje liittymä

If you don’t have the necessary rights to do this, ask your business contact person to close the subscription for you.

Please note that you are solely responsible for the use of your subscription until the loss is reported to Elisa. After this, the responsibility for using the subscription transfers to Elisa.

2. Submit a police report

A stolen phone or tablet with a SIM card slot can be placed on the blacklist by an operator. A blacklisted device cannot be used with SIM cards from any of the operators that participate in the maintenance of the blacklist and the related operations. Almost all Finnish operators and most other European operators are part of this blacklist system.

If your device is stolen, report it to the police. The IMEI code of the device, and any other identifiers, must be stated in the report submitted to the police. You can find the IMEI code from the original packaging of the device. If you no longer have the original packaging, as long as you have purchased the device from Elisa you will be able to retrieve the IMEI code from the Order history tab in Yritysten OmaElisa.

Send a copy of the scanned police report by email to imei.sulku(at), or fax it to +358 10 29 60787. Add the message “Adding a device to the blacklist” ("Laitteen lisääminen mustalle listalle"). The copy must be of an official police report; a copy of the report of an offence submitted through the internet is invalid. If you have reported the offence to the police online, you must request an official report of the offence from the police. A device cannot be added to the blacklist without an official report of the offence.

Note! Be sure to keep the report of the offence so that your device can be removed from the blacklist if necessary.

This might be the case if your device is later found. Send a copy of the police report by email to imei.sulku(at), or fax it to +358 10 29 60787. Add the message “Removing a device from the blacklist” (“Laitteen poistaminen mustalta listalta”).

3. Reopening a subscription with a new SIM card

If your SIM card is found, the person responsible at your company can remove the block through Yritysten OmaElisa:

Laitteet ja liittymät >Tee yksittäinen muutos > Valitse liittymä > Liittymän tila

The person responsible at your company can also open the subscription by corporate customer service. Reopening the subscription will be charged in accordance with the price list. If the SIM card can’t be found, you can ask for a new card from the person responsible at your company, or you can get a new SIM card from your nearest Elisa shop.

Using a phone and mobile data abroad

The subscription type makes a difference

Phone usage and mobile data prices overseas depend on your subscription type and on the country in question. You can use mobile data connections abroad using the same settings as in your home country.

Elisa Boxi and Elisa Yrityspaketti subscriptions also include basic phone use in all the Nordic countries and the Baltic countries in the monthly fee.

Elisa Yrityspaketti EU subscriptions include basic phone use throughout the European Union and in all the Nordic countries and Baltic countries in the monthly fee.

You can check your subscription type from Yritysten OmaElisa, if you have authority to sign at your company. Your subscription type is also specified on your invoice.

Blocking data transfer when abroad

Overseas roaming data transfers can be easily prevented from your device’s settings. This also blocks multimedia messages. For details of how to set the data transfer block, see the user guide for your device.

You can also set the block directly on your subscription. This prevents packet-switched data transmission and sending and reception of multimedia content on any network outside of Finland.

You can subscribe to the Elisa packet data and multimedia messaging service abroad through our corporate customer services or from Yritysten OmaElisa.

Making calls when abroad

When calling from abroad, enter the phone number in the international format:
1. The international calling code, i.e. the + sign
2. The country code, such as 358 for Finland
3. The area code (without the initial zero)
4. The telephone number
Example 1: To call from Germany to Helsinki, e.g. to the number (09) 435 661, call + 358 9435 661
Example 2: To call from Germany to London, e.g. to the number (020) 233 211, dial +44 20 233 211

It’s best to save Finnish telephone numbers in your phone in international format, i.e. starting with +358. This makes it more convenient to call the number from anywhere in the world without having to remember country codes.

When problems arise

Report the problem to Elisa’s Fault Notification Service. When you call, make sure you have your subscription number ready. You’ll also need to tell us what country you’re in, and which GSM network operator you’re connected to, or are attempting to connect to. Be ready also to describe the fault or problem in as much detail as possible.

Please note that calling our technical support number from abroad is not free of charge. The call will be invoiced according to the operator's price list.